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Property Management

We are excited to announce a new service

In 2015 we will be offering Property Management Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Green Deal Assessments

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We are unlike many Green Deal Advisors

For a start we are an independent organisation meaning we are not tied to any installers or providers.

This also means we are able to provide you real freedom to get the best deal for you.

If the Green Deal Assessment Report (GDAR) is for a Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) application, we can walk you through the steps and make sure you have everything in place.

So if its a property that requires improvement, or you are installing Renewables we can offer a safe and reliable advice service for you.


Our Green Deal Assessments, which include and an EPC and Occupancy Assessment survey, and a follow-up discussion on the measures needed is available for £150

If you have multiple properties that require assessment please get in touch