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Property Management

We are excited to announce a new service

In 2015 we will be offering Property Management Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Check-In & Periodic Inspections

Check-in & Inspections

Our Inventory services ensure the condition of your property prior to tenancy and during is recorded in the most usable way for both Managing Agents and Private Landlords.

The iSurvey Inspector™ software allows us to note all of this in one compact pdf format document, with complete photographic evidence to support it.

Ideally done just prior to hand-over, the check-in inspection gives total peace of mind and the opportunity for periodic inspections to ensure the landlord is totally aware of the condition of their properties.


  • Full Check In Inventory Unfurnished, £45
  • Full Check In Inventory Furnished (up to 4 bedrooms), £55
  • Full Check In Inventory Furnished (4+ bedrooms), £65

  • Periodic Inspections against a Full Check In, £30
  • Periodic Inspection for new properties, £40 (then above charge)